Victory Theater Interior & Exterior, Manhattan

Address: 207 West 42nd Street
LPC Action: Public Hearings 6/14/1982; 6/15/1982; 10/19/1982
LPC Backlog Hearing: Removed from the calendar without prejudice

The Victory Theater opened in 1900 to the design of architect Albert Westover. It was originally called the Theatre Republic and was patriotically renamed The Victory in 1942 during wartime. After years of decline in the Times Square district, the Victory was taken over by New York State and was the first theater to be restored by a redevelopment agency. It remains the oldest operating theater in New York City, and features a spare Italianate façade with an unusual, grand double-stair on 42nd Street. The interior boasts a dome with surviving painted cherubs from 1900.


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