Nicholas Muller House aka St. Peter’s Boys High School, Staten Island

Address: 200 Clinton Avenue
Architect: unknown
Constructed: 1857
LPC Action:9/13/1966
LPC Backlog Hearing: Removed from the calendar without prejudice

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This house was built circa 1857 for merchant and broker Adolph Rodewald. It is, however, most famous for having been sold in 1886 to Nicholas Muller, a powerful figure in Staten Island politics in the late 19th century. Muller began his political career with Tammany Hall in 1882, and went on to serve five terms in the United States Congress as a representative from New York. He also served as President of the Police Board, Quarantine Commissioner and Tax Commissioner. The house was later acquired by St. Peter’s Boys High School, which continues to operate there today. The Anglo-Italianate structure has a symmetrical front façade flanked by gabled end bays, which are capped by pediments with an oculus window in each. Other architectural features include arched window surrounds with keystones, ornamental brackets, a columned entry porch, and a small central dormer window. The structure should be protected for its significant age, style, and history.


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