412 East 85th Street House, Manhattan

Address: 412 East 85th Street
c. 1860
Public Hearings: December 27,1966 ; January 31,1967
LPC Backlog Hearing: Prioritized for designation

Designated - December 13, 2016

LPC- Fact Sheet | Research File

This Italianate style house stands as a reminder of Yorkville’s transition from farmland and country estates to a denser, residential character. The building appears to date to circa 1860, though it is possible that it was built earlier as an ancillary farm structure, moved to this location and renovated in the Italianate style, as this was a common practice. If it was, in fact, constructed circa 1860, it is one of the last frame buildings to be constructed before the city fire code outlawed wood frame construction south of 86th Street. The house has sustained some changes over the years, including conversion to apartments with a commercial ground floor, the removal of some of its details and the re-cladding of the façade. However, it has been cared for time and time again. In 1996, a major restoration was undertaken to simulate the building’s original appearance.


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