92 Harrison Street, Staten Island

Address: 92 Harrison Street
Architect: unknown
Constructed: ca. 1840
LPC Action: 1980
LPC Backlog Hearing: Prioritized for designation

Designated on June 28, 2016

LPC- Fact Sheet | Research File

HDC Testimony 

While Stapleton Heights boasted the mansions of Manhattan-based businessmen and officials of local breweries, Harrison Street, also located in Stapleton, was made up of the less grand, but no less dignified homes of the neighborhood’s merchants and professionals. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated homeowners, many of these “modest” homes now rival their neighbors up the hill. 92 Harrison Street is thought to be the oldest house on the street. It was built for Susan M. Tompkins Smith, the daughter of Daniel D. Tompkins, New York’s fourth governor and Vice President of the United States under James Monroe. Perched on an incline, the stately clapboard house was designed in the Greek Revival style with a graceful doorway, a porch with large columns, windows with louvered shutters and a gable roof with a semi-circular window.


LPC Statement of Significance:

No. 92 Harrison Street is a two-and-one-half-story wooden-frame Greek Revival style house on a high brick foundation. Its gable end faces the street and a porch with square wooden columns and railings crosses the facade at the parlor floor level. The exterior is covered with wooden clapboards painted white, and louvered shutters, painted green, are still in place at the windows. Wide pilasters at the corners of the house support a broad frieze topped by the triangular roof gable which contains a tripartite fan-shaped window. These features are all characteristic of the popular Greek Revival style of the 1830s as expressed in domestic architecture, and the house probably dates from this period.


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