Selwyn Theater Interior, Manhattan

Address: 229 West 42nd Street
Architect: George Keister
Constructed: 1918
LPC Action: Public Hearings 6/14/1982; 6/15/1982; 10/19/1982
LPC Backlog Hearing: Removed from the calendar without prejudice

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The Selwyn Theatre was designed for Archibald and Edgar Selwyn by the architect George Keister. The brothers built two other theaters in New York, the Times Square and the Apollo. It was designed in the style of early Italian Renaissance with interiors of blue and gold, large scale murals, wreath mouldings, dentils, scrolled modillions and stone balusters.

The theater operated from 1918 until 1934, when it became a movie theater. The Selwyn's interior was painstakingly restored and its interior remains intact today.


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