George William Curtis House, Staten Island

Address: 234 Bard Avenue
Architect: unknown
Constructed: 1853
LPC Action: Public Hearing in 1966
LPC Backlog Hearing: Prioritized for designation

Designated on June 28, 2016

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HDC Testimony 

Beyond the architectural charms of this mid-19th century farmhouse, the Curtis House is noted for its relation to hot topics of the time period. George W. Curtis was the editor of the popular political magazine “Harper’s Weekly” as well as a writer, lecturer, reformist and supporter of Abraham Lincoln. It is said that fellow abolitionist and Republican Horace Greeley hid here in the house from mobs of angry pro-South Staten Islanders. Historic detailing including brackets under the eaves and eared windowsills as well as true divided-light windows have recently been restored.


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