150 East 38th Street House, Manhattan

Address: 150 East 38th Street House
LPC Action: Public Hearing 12/27/1966
LPC Backlog Hearing: Removed from the calendar without prejudice

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In 1934, Mr. Pettengill, an engineer and antiques dealer hired architect Robertson Ward to combine 150 and 152 East 38th Street into an office and home. House & Garden praised the design in 1936, called the "Pettengill Project," which placed offices and a conference room in the front house and living quarters in the set-back house at 152. Robertson Ward later designed resort buildings in Acapulco and Barbados, and the Mill Reef Club in Antigua. Eventually, the two properties were severed, although the LPC designated 152 East 38th Street in 1967.


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