Lyric Theater, Interior and Exterior, Manhattan

Address: 213 West 42nd Street
Architect: Victor Hugo Koehler
Constructed: 1903
LPC Action: Public Hearings 6/14/1982; 6/15/1982; 10/19/1982

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The Lyric Theater was completed in 1903 by architect Victor Hugo Koehler. Like many Times Square area theaters, the Lyric struggled financially during the Depression and became a movie theater in 1934 and remains as such today. The theater’s building envelope goes through the block, from 42nd to 43rd street and thus has two facades. Its primary 43rd Street entrance is polychromatic and exuberantly decorated in rusticated brickwork and intricate terra cotta ornament, while the 42nd Street entrance is hidden in plain sight and is the dimensions of a brownstone. Portions of the interior were removed along with the interior of its adjoining neighbor, the Apollo, in 1996.


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