5466 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island

Address: 5466 Arthur Kill Road
Architect: unknown
Constructed: mid-19th century
LPC Action: Public Hearing in 2007
LPC Backlog Hearing: Removed from the calendar without prejudice

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HDC Testimony

The Reuben and Mary Wood House has retained its mid-19th century character, including its many historic details, such as window lintels and sills, shutters, door surround, lacey bargeboards and brick chimney. The house, with its symmetrically-planned center hall and side-gabled roof fronted by a cross gable, is an example of a once-common, now rare mid-19th century rural house, its details applied in an unusual mix of Greek Revival, Gothic and Italianate styles. The craftsmanship of the woodwork is remarkable, not least because of its survival. The house, while in need of care, has an imposing presence on its corner lot.

LPC Statement of Significance:

Built in c. 1852, this unusal house combines a once-common popular mid-nineteenth century rural house type, the symmetrically planned center hall house with a side gabled roof fronted by a cross gable in a transitional style featuring an unusual amalgamation of Greek Revival, Gothic and Italianate styles. The clapboard covered house has all of its historic details including window lintels and sills as well as shutters, brick chimney and door surrounds. The window and doors surrounds are in the Greek Revival style, with Gothic Revival style vergeboards at the eaves and Italianate style porch brackets. The 1855 and 1860 census lists Reuben Wood as an oysterman, an important Tottenville profession. Wood and his family lived in the house until 1864. The Reuben and Mary Wood House is a rare survivor of early Tottenville, an important 19-century town on Staten Island's South Shore.


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