2307 Beverley Rd
Nimmons, Carr & Wright - Alton L. Craft

The Sears Roebuck & Company was founded as a catalog company in the early 1890s, but did not enter the retail market until 1925. The first store in NYC opened in 1930 in Crown Heights, and in 1932 plans for a large department store in Flatbush Avenue which would cater to “motoring shoppers” were announced.

The L-shaped building was accessible from both streets by car, with 47 1/2-foot tall asymmetrical façades. Decorative Art Deco reliefs highlighted the entrances and were executed in colors that complement the limestone.

The most recognizable feature was the 103-feet-tall corner tower, present in many of the Sears stores and warehouses as an advertisement and utilitarian element. An extension was built in 1940, designed by the same architects, making the structure a total of 170,000 sqft.

Despite the economic struggles at the time, the store was a great success and remained in operation until 2021. It was designated as a NYC Landmark in 2012.