2219-2247 & 2246-2222 Vanderveer Place
1912, Cohn Brothers
1914, Charles Goell

The first houses to be erected at Vanderveel Place were a group of 14 two-story brick single-family homes on the north side of the street, which were developed by the Jaret Construction Company, and designed by the prolific Cohn Brothers, a firm which had recently opened its first office in Flatbush.

The Cohn Brothers specialized in residential buildings, and remained in operation through the early 1950s. Some of their work can be found in the Jackson Heights, Crown Heights, and Park Slope Historic Districts.

With three designs interspersed, this group exemplifies the firm’s different stylistic influences, including elements of Colonial Revival, Renaissance Revival, and Arts-and-Crafts, among others. The south side of the street was developed two years later by Charles Infanger in partnership with builder Charles Goell, who designed a group of 11 two-story brick houses that replicate some of the elements of the Cohn Brothers houses. In this case, two designs are alternated, and a wooden portico with a pediment marks every entrance. Infanger and Goell also built a group of 9 two-story brick houses on the west side of East 23rd St, using the same design.