703-719 Carroll St.
Jeremiah Gilligan

This row of 8 four-story, 8-family apartment buildings is bounded by two historic churches, St. Francis Xavier to the northwest, and the Old First Dutch Reformed Church to the southeast, resulting in a streetscape that encapsulates the uniqueness of the Center Slope. It’s also representative of a time when multiple dwellings were gaining favor among developers due to increases in the population and property values in greater New York.

Built and designed by J.J. Gilligan, a prolific Brooklyn mason and carpenter, these Renaissance Revival style brick structures feature full stone enframements with subdued classical ornament concentrated around the door. The carved stone stoops highlight a recessed central core with the main entry, flanked by slightly projected concave bays, and an iron cornice with Renaissance-inspired ornament.

Other works by Gilligan can be found within the Park Slope Historic District and in the Prospect Heights Historic District.