286-88 7th Ave
John Welch

Founded in 1867, the congregation of All Saints Episcopal Church met initially at a Military Hall at the corner of 5th Avenue and 9th Street. Its first building (All Saints Chapel, Site 7) was a small brick structure on 7th Street, built in 1870. After years of financial difficulties, the church moved in 1891 to this Romanesque-Moorish structure designed by Scottish-born architect John Welch, who had just completed the Church of St. Luke in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, to great critical acclaim.

The overall configuration of the building recalls the shape of an Early Christian Basilica, with a small sanctuary apse reminiscent of those of Italian Renaissance architect Donato Bramante. It also features two distinctive towers, a bright barrel-vaulted interior with ornate terra cotta detailing, and many stained-glass windows, including one by Louis Comfort Tiffany. After a fire in 1976, some of the interior and east front of the church needed to be rebuilt, and much of the stained glass was replaced.

Today, All Saints is a growing and diverse congregation, with activities and events open to all members of the community.