Intersection of Park Terrace West (PTW) with Cooper and Isham Streets

At the intersection of Isham Street, which runs east-west, and Cooper Street to the south and PTW to the north are dramatic views of Inwood that can be viewed in four directions. Rock outcroppings are visible in Isham Park to the north along Isham Street between Seaman Avenue and PTW and again on PTW’s eastern hillside. The focal point of the view to the south is the Cloisters tower in Fort Tryon Park, framed between corridors of Art Deco residential buildings along Cooper Street. To the west one can view the entrance and hill of Inwood Hill Park. To the east the view is of the striking domed Gould Memorial Library and the Hall of Fame for Great Americans by Stanford White, a New York City individual landmark located on the bluff across the Harlem River at Bronx Community College.