608 Isham Street between Broadway and Seaman Avenue
Completed in 1950

The complex of this church was constructed on land that was purchased from the Isham family in 1912. The stone sanctuary designed by Paul Monaghan, which seats a thousand congregants, was completed on the corner of Broadway and Isham Streets in 1935, replacing a temporary wood-frame structure on Cooper Street. Romanesque in style, the church is constructed of granite with limestone trim and has a terra-cotta tile roof.
The 1914 rectory designed by Maynicke and Franke behind the sanctuary on Cooper at Isham is Gothic in style; it is constructed of Fordham gneiss, a local stone. A parochial school designed by Auguste L. Nöel in 1924 was later built west of Cooper Street at the corner of Isham Street and a masonry convent with stained glass windows designed by Paul C. Rilley was added at the corner of Isham Street and Seaman Avenue in 1950. The complex continues to serve the neighborhood‘s Catholic community today and is celebrating its 100th anniversary during 2011 and 2012.