3201 Jerome Ave
George W. Birdsall

This is one of four IND yards, originally dug out to serve as a reservoir for the adjacent Jerome Park. Since this plan was never carried out, it became the only yard constructed in a depressed cut, with respect to neighboring properties. The complex is made up of storage tracks (which serve the BMT/JND lines, as well as the IRT line), service facilities and complementary structures. Although some of the original buildings and equipment have been removed and/or replaced, the Concourse Yard remains as a unique example of industrial architecture and engineering of the early-20th century.


Situated along the west side of Jerome Avenue just south of Mosholu Parkway, the High Pumping Station is a long and narrow red brick Romanesque Revival building topped by a steeply pitched roof. The façade is divided into a series of bays, each consisting of two arched windows flanked by shallow brick buttresses.


It was built by the Department of Water Supply, Gas and Electricity as part of the Jerome Reservoir complex, an adjunct to the Croton Aqueduct system. At the time, demand for clean water by the growing urban population was heightened by the need to have enough pressure to reach the upper floors of multi-storied structures. The station’s purpose was to perform this service, making it an important utility for The Bronx. It was designated as a NYC Landmark in 1981, and listed on the National Register in 1983.