103 Circle Rd
ca. 1846

This two-story house was originally built in Enfield, Massachusetts, for Daniel B. Gillett. He was in the manufacturing and lumber business, and was part of one of the town’s oldest families. The building was moved to Staten Island in 1931 by builder Charles A. Wade for businessman Walter A. Tyler. Wade had capitalized on the interest in colonial and early-19th-century American history at the time, as well as the availability of authentic New England houses from the Swift River Valley, which was being razed for the construction of the Quabbin Reservoir.

The Greek Revival frame structure has a slate-shingled, low-pitched, hipped roof, with a subordinate, one-and-a-half story wing, both featuring six-over-six, double-hung windows. The classically-inspired ornamentation includes a cornice line with wide divided bands of trim, two-story vernacular Doric pilasters, and fluted Ionic columns and sidelights flanking the door at the recessed entry porch.

It was sold in the 1950s to Horace P. Moulton, vice president and general counsel of AT&T, and remains in use as a private residence. It was designated as a NYC Landmark in 2007.