41 East Loop Rd
ca. 1925

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Thomas Garrett Jr. moved with his family to New York in 1889. He was the great-grandson of Thomas Garrett, an abolitionist and leader in the movement, before the American Civil War.

Garrett graduated from Harvard Law School in 1899 and served as Assistant Corporation Counsel of NY for four years before joining the law firm of Davis, Polk, Wardwell, Gardiner & Reed, where he specialized in banking cases. He retired in 1938, and two years later was the Republican candidate for the House of Representatives. He purchased this plot from George Cromwell and built this house around 1925, at a total cost of $50,000 (almost $1M today), which became the most expensive residence on East Loop Road at the time. After the passing of his first wife, Dorothea Kobi, he married Lucille Stirn in 1934. The family continued living at the property until 1982.