46 East Loop Road

Ca. 1910

This block bounded by East Loop Road and East Entry Road is among the earliest to be developed for residential use in the area. It originally was the location of three great mansions, of which only one remains today.

A remarkable two-and-a-half-story frame house with a grand porch framing its first floor once stood at 46 East Loop Road. It was the residence of May Richmond Walker and her husband Prof. Arthur L. Walker until 1951. Mrs. Walker, who came from a politically prominent family nationally, originally settled in Todt Hill in 1898 with her first husband, with whom she had two children. After becoming a widow, she married Mr. Walker in 1929, who was a professor of metallurgy at Columbia University School of Engineering. The lot was subdivided in 2012, and the house was demolished in 2016.

Photo: Courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archive