Valentine-Varian House

3266 Bainbridge Avenue

The second oldest in The Bronx, this house was built by blacksmith and farmer, Isaac Valentine, out of native stone on the property’s 260 acres. During the Revolutionary War, it was occupied by British, Hessian and patriot troops, and was the site of several skirmishes. The house survived the conflict, but its owner fell on hard times and sold it to Isaac Varian in 1792. With growing development in the area, the property’s acreage diminished, and what remained was sold to a developer in 1904. William F. Beller purchased the house in 1905 and maintained it for 60 years. In 1965, his son, William C. Beller, donated the house to The Bronx County Historical Society, which operates it as the Museum of Bronx History. The Valentine-Varian House was designated a New York City Individual Landmark  in 1966 and was added to the State and National Register of Historic Places in 1978.