Former New York, Westchester And Boston Railroad Administration Building

East 180th Street at Morris
Fellheimer & Long with Allen H. Stem

Located at the southern tip of Bronx Park, this Italian Renaissance style building was originally the administration office for the New York, Westchester and Boston Railway system. After the system went out of business in 1937, the City tied the Bronx portion of the line into the subway system. Since then, the building has served as the East 180th clock surround, which features a winged head of Mercury, the Roman god of travel. Architect Allen H. Stem simultaneously worked with Charles Reed to design Grand Central Terminal, whose grand Beaux-Arts style contrasts this Italian villa, just as midtown Manhattan’s urban environment contrasted The Bronx’s bucolic setting at that time. In 2011, the City undertook a major restoration of the building. Street station for the 2 and 5 subway lines. Of note in the center of the façade is the ornate. The Former New York, Westchester And Boston Railroad Administration Building was designated a New York CIty Individual Landmark in 1976 and is listed the State and National Register.