135 Eastern Parkway
Sugarman & Berger

Built by the Turner Brothers Building Company of 50 Court Street, Brooklyn. The enormous Turner Towers extends 201 feet on Eastern Parkway, and 170 feet back to 364 Lincoln Place, also built by the Turner Brothers Building Company. In 1927, the famous World War I fighter ace Clinton DeWitt Burdick and his wife moved from Carroll Street and Eighth Avenue, in adjoining Park Slope, to Turner Towers, which gives some sense of the residential mobility patterns the new Eastern Parkway buildings served.

Architect Morris Henry Sugarman was born in Odessa, Ukraine, in 1889. He died in Manhattan in 1946. He attended Columbia University and worked for the important Manhattan apartment-building architect J.E.R. Carpenter for eight years. Albert Berger (1879-1940) was born in Hungary and worked for Schwartz & Gross and for Starrett & Van Vleck. Sugarman and Berger formed their firm in 1926. They also designed the nearby Plaza Lane and Park Lane on Plaza Street, and 1 Plaza Street (at St. John’s Place, 1928).