This three-story brick building has been abandoned and stood empty for many years. Enter art impresario and neighborhood resident Jeff Beler, who beginning in 2015 had the idea of gathering accomplished street-mural painters to create, in situ, works on boards affixed to the façade of 314 St.
John’s Place. Beler develops a theme -album covers, or “The Urban Jungle”- and changes displays twice a year. According to Shanell Culler-Sims on the BKReader web site, Beler “likes the art to be expressive, fun, and loving but nothing controversial like religion or politics, because he wants it to bring happiness and positivity for all in the community. The neighborhood loves it and always gathers to watch the transformation as artists of all stripes show off their personal style -from graffiti art to realism, from conceptual art to comic art and even wood carving.”