Park Avenue Christian Church, 1000 Park Avenue

Bertram Goodhue of Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson
Emery Roth
1915 –

This magnificent French Gothic Revival style church is clad in grey Manhattan schist, and features a pointed arch stained glass window and a 70-foot lead fleche, cast in Birmingham, England, by Henry Hope & Sons to emulate the one at Sainte Chapelle in Paris. Goodhue also designed the adjacent rectory in the same style of the same grey schist. In 2014, controversy over its demolition led to the designation of the Park Avenue Historic District. The Gothic Revival style 1000 Park Avenue was designed to complement the church and rectory, and features intricate details like statuettes of medieval warriors and builders, animal reliefs, coats of arms and foliated moldings. The building is unusual for Emery Roth, who mostly favored the Classical or Art Deco styles.