Lewis G. and Nathalie B. Morris House, Reginald & Anna DeKoven House

1015 Park Avenue
Ernest Flagg, 1913-14 – NYC HD, NYC IL, NR-P, NR-D

1025 Park Avenue John Russell Pope

These two townhouses were constructed on property owned by lawyer Amos R. E. Pinchot. In 1910, Pinchot commissioned a grand house for himself at 1021 Park Avenue (demolished 1930), and purchased a considerable amount of property nearby. At the time, little was built this far north, making Pinchot a neighborhood pioneer. Constructed for Lewis Gouverneur and Nathalie Bailey Morris, 1015 Park Avenue is a distinctive neo-Federal mansion that faces East 85th Street. Upon Mr. Morris’ death in 1968, the house became the headquarters of several private charitable foundations. 1025 Park Avenue was built for Reginald DeKoven, a popular composer and music critic. The house was designed in the Jacobean Revival style, a reprise of an English style popular during the Renaissance and named for King James I. The house’s Jacobean features include two prominent bay windows and an arched entrance flanked by columns and pilasters.