720 Park Avenue, 730 Park Avenue, 770 Park Avenue, 778 Park Avenue, 784 Park Avenue

Rosario Candela, 1928-29
Lafayette A. Goldstone, 1928-29
Rosario Candela, 1929-30
Rosario Candela, 1929-31
Emery Roth, 1928-29

Along the west side of Park between 70th and 74th Streets is a series of contiguously constructed apartment buildings that feature varied massing and setbacks at their crowns, including elaborate towers and chimneys. 770 Park Avenue even features massive buttresses supporting its central rooftop tower. These five buildings were designed in the Renaissance Revival style, some with Jacobean Revival and neo-Georgian details. The view of this stretch of Park Avenue, either from the south or the north, is quite magnificent.