3826, 3828, 3868 SEDGWICK AVENUE

3826, 3828 SEDGWICK AVENUE, James F. Delaney, 1926
3868 SEDGWICK AVENUE, Ca. 1930

The adjoining homes at 3826 and 3828 were built in 1926 and feature multi-colored brick façades with Gothic ornaments, slate tile roofs and their original wooden doors and multi-paned glass windows. The imposing four-story house at No. 3868 was built circa 1930 and features a rustic stone façade on its ground level, stucco and half-timbering on its upper levels, slate tiles and multiple gables on its roof, and original wooden entry and garage doors. These three homes stand out for their architectural beauty, integrity and contribution to the neo-Tudor character of the neighborhood.