3480, 3482, 3484, 3486, 3488, 3490, 3492, 3494 CANNON PLACE

Matthew W. Del Gaudio, 1915–16

This row of eight houses is the earliest extant housing in the neighborhood. The row is broken up into two groups of four houses. The first group, Nos. 3480 to 3486, was constructed in 1915 of red brick, and the second group, Nos. 3488 to 3494, was constructed in 1916 of beige brick. Both are adorned with diamond-shaped brickwork and simple wooden porches on their front façades. They were designed by Cooper Union graduate and Bronx-based architect Matthew W. Del Gaudio, who served as the president of several prominent New York architecture societies. This row pays particular attention to the hilly terrain of the neighborhood, as each house is raised above a garage on the street level, affording views to the west.