3330, 3332, 3336, 3338, 3340, 3344 GILES PLACE

3330 GILES PLACE, Dwight James Baum, 1922
3332 GILES PLACE, Charles A. Newburgh, 1922
3336 GILES PLACE, ca. 1922
3338, 3340, 3344 GILES PLACE,  James Wells, 1923

Along Giles Place, south of the Cannon Place intersection, stands a series of cottage houses constructed in the early 1920s. No. 3330 was built for P. Robert O’Connor, the brother-in-law of Bronx Congressman Charles A. Buckley. No. 3336 is believed to be a Sears Roebuck catalog house, though this is not confirmed. Nos. 3338 and 3340, which are identical in form but not materials, have symmetrical façade layouts with central gabled entry porches. No. 3344 (not pictured) is most distinctive in its architectural details. Designed by the same architect as Nos. 3338 and 3340, the house is made of brick with a Mediterranean tiled roof and features an enclosed porch with a fenced balcony above and arched windows on both levels.