Cornelius C. Eddy, ca. 1875
Elwood Taylor, ca. 1854

Number 36 was constructed by Cornelius C. Eddy, and is thought either to have been remodeled or be the second home built on the property. Mr. Eddy’s name appears on an 1859 map as residing on this lot, though the house’s mansard roof is a distinct feature of the French Second Empire Style popular in the United States in the 1870’s and 1880’s. The central protruding tower was once also capped with a mansard roof, which has been removed. Its dentilled cornice, pitched dormers and arched porch entry are particularly graceful features. Constructed by Elwood Taylor, a lumber dealer in Stapleton, number 30 features a lovely arcade porch and three simple window openings on its second level. The painted white clapboard and porch arches with light blue accents form a sunny welcoming committee at the eastern entry to Harrison Street.