1055 and 1057 Clay Avenue

Warren C. Dickerson
Clay Avenue Historic District

These houses each feature three-sided, angled bays clad in rough-hewn stone at the basement and first story, and boast windows with leaded-glass transoms. A pair of tall stoops with historic wrought iron railings lead up to entrances framed in the same rough-hewn stone. The ensemble is topped by a galvanized iron cornice and a pair of curving Flemish-inspired gables. No. 1055 retains an original galvanized iron decorative urn in its gable. In 1905, the two apartments of No. 1055 were home to the families of Frederick Krauth, a clothing cutter, and John Elstner, a German immigrant. No. 1057, on the other hand, was home to a real estate agent, a police sergeant and their families.