Deserving but not Designated: Victorian Flatbush

Victorian Flatbush is known for being the largest concentration of wooden Victorian-style homes in the country. The area presently has five New York City Historic Districts, but the blocks in between them remain undesignated and unprotected despite architecture of the same vintage and style.  Six local groups representing Beverly Square East, Beverly Square West, Caton Park, Ditmas Park West, South Midwood and West Midwood have joined together with the Flatbush Development Corporation to “complete the quilt” of city designation of their neighborhoods.

Six neighborhoods in the Victorian Flatbush community in Brooklyn are joined together in this Request For Evaluation for designation as a single Historic District, complementing the six Victorian Flatbush neighborhoods that have designated.  These six additional neighborhoods include Beverley Square West, Beverley Square East, Ditmas Park West, West Midwood, South Midwood, and Caton Park.

In 2012, HDC chose Victorian Flatbush neighborhoods for our “Six to Celebrate”, New York City’s only list of preservation priorities selected directly from the communities. We continue to have the pleasure of working closely with a diverse, intelligent and passionate group of volunteers who are devoted to preserving and protecting their neighborhood. HDC encourages the designation of these neighborhoods as official New York City historic districts as soon as possible so that the rest of the community can enjoy the benefits that landmark designation affords.

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