Deserving but not Designated: Sunset Park

Sunset Park contains one of the city’s earliest and most extensive concentrations of two-family masonry rowhouses, mostly built between 1885 and 1912. The proposed district encompasses representative blocks that best showcase Sunset Park’s architectural contributions to the city. This historic and elegant section of Brooklyn deserves the protection and honor that landmark designation brings.

In 1988, an area encompassing 3,237 buildings in Sunset Park – nearly the entire neighborhood – was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, making it one of the state’s largest National Register Historic Districts. However, without protection by the City, this area has witnessed inappropriate alterations and demolitions, which have inspired local residents to take action to protect their beautiful streetscapes.

The proposed study area outlined in the Request for Evaluation is the result of a careful research, survey and outreach effort on the part of the community including the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee. These blocks were chosen for their outstanding beauty, intact original fabric and resident support. Over roughly 15 months, the Sunset Park Landmarks Committee held and attended numerous meetings; hosted a dozen well-attended walking tours; recruited block captains to manage and help with the survey effort; rallied broad community support and input at several very successful tabling sessions; and engaged with other community organizations and local elected officials.

The proposal represents the desires of the Sunset Park community to safeguard and enhance the beauty of this historic neighborhood, not only for the well-being of the many individuals who live and work here and for the stability that a designation will bring, but to encourage citywide appreciation for the area’s significance. Landmark status will also help preserve the quality housing that draws people of many backgrounds to the neighborhood, making for a characteristically diverse New York City community.

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