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New Oscar Lopez Rivera mural !

East Harlem Preservation along with other neighborhood supporters hosted a fundraiser to create a new Oscar Lopez Rivera mural. The previous mural had been harshly defaced. Along with their Six to Celebrate grant from HDC and the money they raised they were able to hire the original muralist to paint a new mural. There are still several more paintings around East Harlem that need to be restored, so fundraising will continue; but for now we celebrate the beautiful new Oscar Lopez Rivera mural !

Revisioned Free Oscar mural - left Revisioned Free Oscar mural - right


Former mural

Former mural

Lost and Found Murals of East Harlem

Dear Neighbor,

East Harlem Preservation is pleased to invite you to a FREE walking tour through the neighborhood’s mural district. Join us on Sunday, May 3rd at 2:00 pm and learn about the neighborhood’s “buildings as canvases” tradition. We will be meeting on the corner of 103rd Street and Lexington Avenue! Hope to see you there!

Murals tour poster