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Crown Heights North Walking Tour Pictures

Crown Heights North Walking Tour

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Six to Celebrate Spring/Summer Walking Tours:

Back By Popular Demand!!!

South Street Seaport
Wednesday, August 26 at 6:00PMfulton_st_east_shops2
As the nation’s most important port for over 100 years, the South Street Seaport, through its historic buildings, harbor views and tall ships, provides an important link to New York City’s fascinating and multi-layered origin story. As Manhattan’s oldest intact neighborhood, the Seaport derives its distinct sense of place from its 200-year old mercantile buildings, Belgian block paving and views of the Brooklyn Bridge. For many generations, it has been a destination for those with a passion for history. With major development pressures threatening to irreversibly and insensitively distort its character, advocates are working hard to protect this unique district. Join us as urban historian and author Francis Morrone illuminates the early history of the Seaport, its evolution over time and proposed plans for its future.