Roughly between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, West 120th to West 121st Streets

Main, Macy and Milbank Memorial Halls: William Potter, 1892–97

Horace Mann School: Howells & Stokes with Edgar A. Josselyn, 1899–1901

Whittier Hall: Bruce Price, 1900–01

Grace Dodge Hall: Parish & Schroeder, 1909

Teachers College began as the Kitchen Garden Association, a charity to educate working class youth in domestic arts. The campus’ buildings are remarkable in their stylistic cohesion despite being the work of numerous architects. The Collegiate Gothic-style Main, Macy and Milbank Memorial Halls are the campus’ first buildings. They are made of red brick with brownstone trim and feature picturesque rooflines with gables, dormers and lantern towers. Horace Mann School, the campus’ most westerly building, features Gothic and Renaissance details, including burned brick diaper patterns, a steeply sloped roof and a large ornate cupola. Whittier Hall, the campus’ most easterly building, takes design inspiration from Horace Mann, but on a grander scale, with red brick diaper patterns, stone trim, large gables and a central cupola. Grace Dodge Hall (not pictured), oriented to the south and barely visible, is distinguished by a clock tower above the main entrance.