2500 Westchester Avenue
Church: 1855, Chapel: 1868, Leopold Eidlitz; Cemetery: ca. 1750s

Founded in 1693, the parish of Saint Peter’s saw its first church completed in 1700 with funds collected through a tax on residents in the towns of Westchester, Eastchester, and Yonkers, along with the manor of Pelham. The Gothic church standing today was completed in 1855, and was designed by Leopold Eidlitz, who had recently completed St. George’s Church in Stuyvesant Square, Manhattan. After a fire severely damaged the structure, Leopold’s son, Cyrus Eidlitz, restored the church in keeping with its original Gothic inspiration. Rough-cut, but regularly sized, beige stone is utilized throughout the facade, including the archways and frames. Key features include the four-sided spire with clock faces and the entrance steps’ marble walls with Gothic carvings. The church’s cemetery, which contains graves dating to the 1750’s, includes both modest headstones and elaborate tombs and serves as the final resting place of soldiers killed during the Revolutionary War. The Chapel was also designed by Eidlitz following the same Gothic style, and was completed in 1868. It has served as the home of The Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance (BAAD!) since 2013. St. Peter's Church is a NYC Individual Landmark.