79-00 Queens Boulevard
Brodsky, Hopf & Adler

In 1962, Adelson Industries announced the purchase of plot of land in Elmhurst to build an ambitious $2 million project: the Pan American Motor Inn. This seven-story luxury motel had 216 rooms, an outdoor swimming pool, a health club and, a dining facility for 250 people. The location was selected as strategic for it was to be the nearest major hotel facility (within two miles) to the planned 1964-65 New York World’s Fair and the New York Mets’ new stadium (within 1.5 miles). The design was in charge of Brodsky, Hopf and Adler, a New York City architectural firm. It received critical praise, including an award from the Queens Chamber of Commerce in 1963.


Adelson’s initial plan for the Pan American was for it to be the first of a chain along the Eastern Seaboard, but the motel never achieved superstar status in Queens as they had hoped. After a succession of buyers, it never made a profit. In 2014, the city turned it into a homeless shelter, just like its former competitor down the block, once called the Mets Motel and later the Metro Motel.