87-37 Whitney Avenue
A. F. Leicht

Before the Civil War, there was a Baptist Chapel at Queens Boulevard, but the congregation eventually disbanded. In 1900, a series of cottage prayer meetings resulted in the organization of a new congregation, who started a fundraising campaign to build a church after Cord Meyer donated a plot of land. Since the site was located in the midst of the new upper- class Elmhurst community, the congregation was anxious to build a structure that would be an ornament and an asset to the neighborhood.

Designed by the church architect A. F. Leicht, the plans called for a stone building with an octagonal interior and a concave ceiling finished in hardwoods with a seating capacity of 500. The cornerstone was laid on July 1902 and the congregation moved into the building in 1903. The formal dedication ceremony took place in the summer of that same year.

Photo by Jim Henderson