Lefferts House

Prospect Park, near Willink
Entrance at Flatbush Avenue and Empire Boulevard

Though not technically in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, the Lefferts House is undeniably significant to the history of the neighborhood. It was built during the American Revolution, replacing the family’s earlier homestead that was burned by colonial forces. This building originally stood near Flatbush Avenue between Maple and Midwood Streets, and was designed in the Dutch manner—with a low gambrel roof and overhanging eaves—evoking the family’s long history in the area. After the death of James Lefferts (the original developer of Lefferts Manor), his family donated the old homestead to the City in 1918 with the condition that it be moved to its current site in Prospect Park. Since 1920, it has been operated as a house museum and is open to the public with exhibits on early 19th century life in Brooklyn.