Park Avenue Designated!!

On April 29th the Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the Park Avenue Historic District!! The district extends from the northeast corner of 79th Street to the south side of 91st Street, and contains approximately 64 buildings. Park Avenue was named one of HDCs Six to Celebrate groups in 2014. We have been working closely with many groups to advocate for the protection of Park Avenue for years. We testified in favor of the designation at the February 11, 2014 hearing.

“Historic buildings on this iconic avenue date from 1856 into the mid-20th century in an impressive array of 19th-century rowhouses and flats buildings, grand mansions, impressive institutional buildings, and distinctive 20th-century apartment buildings. In just a few blocks, the history of the growth of Park Avenue and Carnegie Hill is told by this important collection of buildings. The architecture is equal to that already designated on the Upper East Side, and many of the same notable architects, including Emery Roth, Rosario Candela, and Delano & Aldrich, designed structures both within and outside of the existing district boundaries. When combined with unique layout of Park Avenue and its planted malls, these buildings create the “special sense of place” the New York City Landmarks Law uses to describe historic districts.”
To read our full testimony click here .

To read the Designation Report and view the boundary map click here