White Street between West Broadway and Broadway

2 White Street, Gideon Tucker, builder, 1808-09
8-10 White Street, Henry Fernbach, 1869-70
17 White Street, 1867-68
46-50 White Street, 1865
55 White Street, John Kellum & Son, 1861

2 White Street, a Federal-era building with a gambrel roof, is one of the only vestiges of the street’s residential past. Today the street is characterized by cast-iron mercantile buildings, many designed in the Second Empire and Italianate styles. Number 8-10 features a historic storefront with wooden doors, windows and transoms, as well as Tuscan columns, rusticated arches, quoins and bandcourses. Number 17 has a slate mansard roof with an elaborate dormer and oculus windows. Between Church Street and Franklin Place are two more cast-iron masterpieces. Number 46-50 features a cast-iron base with marble-faced upper stories and an elaborate cornice. The façade of number 55 is a noteworthy example of the “sperm-candle” design, characterized by double-height arches and slim columns, which resembled candles made from sperm whale oil. Each Site is located within the Tribeca East Historic District boundaries.