Mural- Graffiti Hall of Fame

Murals of East Harlem

East Harlem/El Barrio is home to a great number of murals that build on a long tradition in Latin American art, wherein residents may express themselves and tell their stories. Protecting these significant cultural symbols has become a great challenge, but an important endeavor, in a rapidly changing neighborhood.

East 106th Street between Madison and Park Avenues
and Park Avenue between East 106th and 107th Streets
established 1980

The Graffiti Hall of Fame encompasses two walls: one in the playground of the Jackie Robinson Educational Complex and one on Park Avenue facing the Park Avenue viaduct. The Hall was established by community activist Ray Rodriguez (“Sting Ray”) as both a place for graffiti artists to display their skills and to provide neighborhood youth with a constructive medium to showcase their talent. Due to space constraints, a loosely knit group of painters has annually competed for a place on the walls since the 1990s. The walls are currently maintained by TATS CRU, a group of Bronx-based artists turned professional muralists.