34–19, 34–33 and 33–47 90th Street
Henry Atterbury Smith

La Mesa Verde is composed of six, six-story V-shape buildings connected by narrow open-air rooftop bridges. Three front onto 90th Street and three front onto 91st Street, creating a sawtooth pattern. Rather than having interior hallways, the Neo-Classical style buildings each have three recessed exterior stairways with apartment entrances at each landing and topped with an iron-and-glass skylight. The interior courtyards and buildings remain fairly intact, save for tennis courts that were lost in the 1950s.


If you are a resident of La Mesa Verde who is experiencing problems with the rent or the management of the building, we suggest that you contact Queens Legal Services at 347-592-2200.The Historic Districts Council included La Mesa Verde in its 2011 Six to Celebrate program to celebrate this building’s architectural significance and we are not affiliated with the property.

Si usted es residente de La Mesa Verde y tiene problemas con su renta o con la administración del edificio, le sugerimos que se contacte con  Queens Legal Services  al teléfono 347-592-2200. El Historic Districts Council incluyó a La Mesa Verde en su programa Six to Celebrate de 2011 con el objetivo de celebrar su valor arquitectónico, y no tenemos ninguna relación con esta propiedad.