Hillside Cemetery

Established 1828
980 Richmond Avenue, Graniteville

This two-acre, non-sectarian cemetery was the sister cemetery to Lake, as the two were both established by the congregation of Old Clove Baptist Church. The cemetery commands a lovely sloping site right along a major road, making it very visible and accessible. Over time, five different Baptist churches have managed and operated the cemetery. Currently, the Willowbrook Park Baptist Church keeps the deed on the property, while FACSI performs all necessary maintenance. In 2014, the church is working to raise the funds needed to fix the cemetery’s retaining wall. A large number of ship captains were buried at Hillside, and several large plots within the cemetery were purchased by the Italian and Polish Social clubs that operated for immigrant support. The old granite quarry that supplied much of the stone for Staten Island’s grave markers, and gives the Graniteville neighborhood its name, was located directly behind Hillside Cemetery.