Former 68th Police Precinct Station House and Stable

4302 Fourth Avenue
Emile Gruwe

Due to its growing population in the 1880s, Brooklyn expanded its police force and built precincts borough-wide. Sunset Park’s station was renumbered several times, but eventually became the 68th City, and thus the boroughs’ police forces, consolidated in 1898. The station house and stable were designed in the Romanesque Revival style with Venetian and Norman Revival ornament, including brick molded cornices, arched openings, brownstone moldings and stone bandcourses with carved dogs’ faces and Byzantine leafwork. The station house has a crenellated corner tower and a projecting pavilion on Fourth Avenue. The buildings, connected by a one-story brick passage, have been vacant since 1970 and are in a severe state of disrepair. The station house was designated a New York City Individual Landmark in 1983.