The boardwalk, constructed in 1925, was the social centerpiece of the Rockaway bungalow communities from the 1920s to the 1960s. It was host to parades, roller skating and basketball games, as well as vendors selling summer favorites such as knishes, ice cream and hotdogs. According to local legend, the now standard Chinese take-out carton, or “Tucky Cup,” was invented at Tuck’s Restaurant on Rockaway Beach. The boardwalk hosted many attractions for people from bungalow communities all over the Rockaway peninsula during the summer. A large concession stand was located at Beach 36th Street, there was a movie theater at Beach 68th Street, and the Playland amusement park was located at Beach 98th Street. While people reveled in the excitement and entertainment on the boardwalk, beachgoers relaxed underneath it, taking advantage of the shade it provided from the hot sun. When the bungalow communities dwindled, the boardwalk fell into disrepair. In 2009–10, the city funded work on the boardwalk, replacing the deteriorated wooden boards with concrete. The lanes that lead from the street to the boardwalk have permanent easements to allow common beach and boardwalk access to all members of the public.