85th Avenue and 117th Street

The blocks near this intersection feature some of the oldest houses in Richmond Hill, erected at the very beginning of the neighborhood’s building boom. In 1884, Albon Platt Man himself commissioned five houses to jump-start the neighborhood’s development. Of these, 116-03 85th Avenue is likely the only surviving example. At least two other houses in the area were built by the early 1890s, at 116-12 85th Avenue and 85-14 117th Street (which was listed on an 1891 map as the residence of architect Henry E. Haugaard). The area also contains a noteworthy cluster of Shingle Style residences, including the similar turreted examples at 117-03 85th Avenue and 84-48 118th Street, both constructed around 1900 by local architect-builders Wade & Cullingford.