164 Atlantic Avenue, 166-168 Atlantic Avenue


These mercantile buildings display the importance of architecture as a means of representing and advertising businesses in the 19th century. The quality of the materials and attention to details, such as stone quoins and bracketed roof cornices, is exceptional. They were designed in a simplified Italianate style and the center of 166-168 Atlantic Avenue has a prominent central gable. As evidenced by the painted sign, the buildings were home to a shop selling shipbuilders’ goods. New York City’s ports were some of the busiest in the world in the mid-19th century, and Atlantic Avenue was host to a number of nautical goods manufacturers and dealers.  These buildings were restored and converted to residential units in 2006, and the painted sign got a fresh coat of paint. Note the ornate parapet on 177 Atlantic Avenue, a commercial building directly across the street.These buildings are located in the Cobble Hill Historic District.