126, 128, 130-132, 136, and 140 West 18th Street

These five late-19th-century brick stables are all that remain of an original grouping of 13 commercial livery stables, built in 1864-66 for wealthy owners whose residences were some blocks away. This block of 18th Street was then almost exclusively stables, a prezoning development pattern that separated service uses and light industry from upscale residential enclaves. There are very few surviving groups of cohesively designed carriage stables in Manhattan, and this group of five is a remarkably intact and architecturally distinguished example. Inspired by the German Rundbogenstil (round arch) mode, each façade follows a lively pattern of arched openings, accented by faceted keystones and unified by stone stringcourses. The wide opening in the center bay would have been fitted out with large doors for horse carriages to pass through. Each building is an Individual Landmark.